2020 Tentative NDRA Rodeo Schedule

Rodeo information will be posted once we receive official forms

and they have had board approval.
*Rodeos with asterisk behind do not count for 2020 NDRA Points, but they are sanctioned with the NDRA & may enter these rodeos with their NDRA card.




Elgin, ND
June 6th
Velva, ND
June 13th
Velva, ND
Watford City, ND
June 21st
Velva, ND
June 27th & 28th
Strasburg, ND
June 28th
Blaisdell, ND
July 3rd & 4th
Towner, ND
Sheyenne, ND
July 4th
Fort Ransom, ND
July 10th & 11th
Wing, ND
July 12th
Bowman, ND
July 24th
Forman, ND
July 25th & 26th
Timber Lake SD
July 31st & Aug 1st
New Salem, ND
August 1st
Hettinger, ND
August 1st & 2nd
Bison, SD
August 7th & 8th
Medora, ND
Aug 14th & 15th
Dickinson, ND
August 15th
Carson, ND
August 22nd
Wibaux, MT
August 28th & 29th
Lisbon, ND
August 30th
Amidon, ND
September 25th & 26th
Watford City, ND



North Dakota Rodeo Association
Michelle Rotenberger
13003 Welch Fire Place
Ludlow, SD 57755
605-576-3266 (Central Entry)
701-516-4333 (Office Cell)
866-579-3442 (fax)
NDRA Central Entry
Michelle Rotenberger
3 - 8 p.m. MT
Most entries on Monday
Call backs on Tuesday